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To me it appears Mars also did play its role. Mars is natural Bhratrukaraka. In the horoscope of Promod Mahajan, the planet Mars is seen to placed in Scorpio, which is the negative house owned by Mars.

Scorpio, incidentally is the 6th house, is the house of enemy. Mars from its natal position casts its evil aspect the 12th house and the Ascendant. Mars from Pisces was aspecting the Bhagyastana in the Natal chart, where even the influence of 8th lord Saturn is seen. Mars in Navamsa also casts its evil aspect on the SUN placed in the 4th house and 12th house to the place where SUN is posited is being aspected by Mruthyu karaka Saturn, thus giving discomfort to mother because of the family fued between brothers.

For Gemini and Virgo, Mars is considered to evil as per the standard dictum. Could there be anything more the malefic mars could have played in the life of Pramod Mahajan? Maniam In July Kerala received unusually high rainfall. The scribe, R. Maniam analyzes mundane charts to ascertain the planetary combinations that could indicate this severe calamity.

R.S.Maniam Ramatha

Manian with a string of titles and awards given by different groups for his proficiency in astrology, Mr. Maniam is a Medical Assistant and had worked as a Medical Enforcement Officer in profession and currently is anacademic staff at Lincoln University College in Malaysia. Maniam, with an experience of over 36 years in the study of astrology, has contributed many articles to various journals on different aspects of mundane astrology.

He attributes his initial learning to Dr. Lagna rising phenomena The Kerala natural catastrophe may have its roots in the celestial plane.

Dr. B. V. Raman

The beginning of the Vilamba Sravana month at the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram shows the lagna rising at the point exact conjunction with Saturn while lagna rising in the eastern horizon was ,. Will Karnataka Coalition Government end in November ?


Raman Suprajarama Newspapers, Television and Social Media are rampant with stories mentioning the instability and infighting of the current Karnataka government. There are three things that one can immediately see. Ascendant or Rising sign is Libra.

Astrologer: Strong celestial forces back 2012 Budget

Libra was rising at the time of the swearing in. It is a movable sign. Usually, when Muhurthas are selected, one of the thumb rules is to ensure that a fixed sign is selected. If that is not possible, then to remedy the non-fixed sign, the rising sign in the Navamsa should be a fixed sign. In Navamsa, the rising sign is Capricorn, another movable sign. This renders the chosen time weak.

NemaniVenkataRaghunatha Rao Balarishta or infant mortality has been covered extensively in our classical scriptures.


Raghunatha Rao has been practicing Vedic Astrology since With a doctorate in Business Management by profession. Ramadas Rao, Pt. Sanjay Rath, Pt. After taking the birth it is not uncommon that some newly arrived native's are met with terrible circumstances in the form of dangers, disease or even death. The possibility of premature death follows the native, until the 24th year has passed from the time of birth. The methods of ascertaining the longevity of the native are inapplicable to a person below this age.

These 24 years are termed as: Balarishta from years, and Yogarishta between years. Sage Parasara later states that the Balarishta span is 8 years and Yogarishta is 12 years years of age. Hence for a native of 8 years of age or younger the principles of Balarishta are fully applied, and the normal methods for calculating longevity such as Pindayu, etc, do not apply. Chandrashekar, Ph. Litt Newborn babies have elevated levels of bilirubin pigment in their bloods, which leads to Jaundice at birth.

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N Chandra Shekar discusses certain uncommon stones, and writes about the curative powers they possess. He has presented and published more than articles on subjects ranging from spirituality to sexuality pertaining to Astro-Gemmology. His work is recognized by 29 educational bodies across the globe, has delivered lectures and participated in astrology conferences both nationally and internationally.

Program — half of America is on Anti-Depressant Medications. And what about their professional skills and natural talents that would have you think this person is guided by an inspiring muse? She holds an advanced certification in Vedic astrology.

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Yet this common problem can be solved through the appropriate study of the birth chart to guide the individual to the most fulfilling work possible and fix weak planets that cause failure or worse, poverty. There can be some competition for your position. Those of you involved in creative activities, writing and publishing can do well. You will be able to network with the right professionals to advance your professional progress.


Sri R S Manian is s/o Ramatha a known acquintance of mine from Express Star teller. He has bee contributing a lot in Express star Teller and. Advice on Mars /Rahu combination, remedy by Click hete to link the page 8. Comments Astrological Analysis of earthquake in China & Part 2.

Financial pressures are likely to increase with less income and more expenses. Try not to take any loans for the time being. You can get happiness and may even be able to acquire some materialistic comforts. Troubles from the adversaries and misunderstanding with spouse can be avoided if you care to listen more and talk less. You may be inclined to doing more religious and philanthropic activities. Those of you single can look forward to finding a suitable match. Health will require attention and do not venture into any activities that can put your personal safety at risk.

Students can look forward to near success in studies and your determination can help you get laurels. Some of your decisions can suffer criticism. Business professionals should keep a low profile and try to postpone any new ventures. Though there can be some income, there can be pressure from creditors and increase in expenditure.

Be careful not to hurt yourself. Preventive care is recommended especially if you have a medical condition. Laziness and dull mind can disrupt your normal routine.

There can be misunderstanding with friends. Domestic situation can be peaceful and there can be occasions to spend quality time with your loved ones.

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There can be some trouble from your close associates, take care not to get into altercations. Fear and anxiety can cause hardship. Those of you wanting to buy or move into a new house will find an opportunity. Students will have to put in special efforts for furtherance of your studies. Face the situation with determined hard work. Krittika 2,3,4: You will get relief from ailments and grief. Happiness, peace of mind, cheerfulness mental satisfaction will prevail.

Those active in public life can look forward to recognition and rewards. Mrigasira 3,4: Beware of accidents that can hurt you. Disgrace and mental agony can make you sulk. Fear and fatigue can make you fret. Small losses of money or wealth may result. Time may not be suitable for raising loans. A change in position is likely for professionals.

Rohini: There can be some stressful times at the workplace. Domestic situations can also add to the woes. Stay determined and focused to win over these challenges.